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Jan 30, 2020

Summary:  Michelle and Keith Norris are the founders of Paleo f(x), the world’s best holistic healing and wellness event. In this episode, they talk about how you can optimize your health. They also share tools you need to manage burnout, and advice on how to maintain a loving relationship while building a business.


What We Learn: 

06:28 - From Corporate America to Entrepreneurs Transition

07:04 - I was really angry that in order to be healthy I had to give up these foods I loved so much.

09:31 - 10.5 years ago their daughter Brittany was killed in a car accident. Killed 3-days before her 23rd birthday and a week before her college graduation.

11:06 - "We were rocked. Our close family, our friends thought we had lost our minds when we said, in the middle of this recession... teetering on bankruptcy… this is the time you picked to be entrepreneurs?"

11:54 - We needed to do something to continue Brittany’s legacy of changing people's lives." -Michelle

15:17 -  The “go big or go home” conversation

15:32 - In 2011, October Michelle and Keith made the decision to launch a small version of Paleo f(x); in November they decided to make it EVEN BIGGER for it’s March 2012 launch.  

21:38 - Michelle's Autoimmune Issues

24:41 - How do you stay in business and married for 20 years?  Plant Medicine.

25:21 - Human Design: Your Underlying Operating System

31:34 - The "Sh*tty Roommate" who lives in your mind...

44:01 - The Importance of trauma release

45:41 - Plant Medicines - the Specifics of Ayahuasca?

59:04 - Michelle’s Daily Affirmations

01:01:38 - Control is an allusion. Lessons in hiring a team.

01:08:42 - The BS Keith is feeding himself

01:10:39 - The BS Michelle is feeding herself

About Paleo f(x) 2020:  

This year’s event: spans 3-days and features multiple stages and a massive vendor fair. There’s an array of keynote presentations, mastermind panels, cooking demos, and workshops, all led by cutting ­edge health practitioners, scientists in a variety of fields, coaches and gym owners, New York Times best­selling authors, popular bloggers, community and sustainability activists, biohackers, chefs, and more. This April 24-26th in Austin, Texas. 


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