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Mar 19, 2020

Summary: Dr. Terry Wahls was once confined to an electric wheelchair, but is now able to walk and ride her bike! She’s a former physician, was an assistant chief of staff at Iowa City Veterans Administration Health Care and is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa. She’s an esteemed author, has a private practice and conducts clinical trials. She says FOOD is what helped her get her life back! A revised edition of her book “The #WahlsProtocol” is out March 17th.

What We Learn: 

01:13 - If you'd like to have a healthy body weight - DO THIS. 

03:58 - Minding our Mitochondria - TED TALK 

06:00 - The brain, retina, and your heart 

08:18 - "Are eye compensates for a long time," but vision testing can help you learn if your food is affecting your health and brain. 

09:32 - "My kids are like, wow mom you keep looking younger and younger." 

10:00 - How your whole family can sustainably change diets

15:16 - Terry's favorite Instapot recipes. 

19:00 - I feel like we're in an absolute epidemic, is that word too extreme? 

21:49 - What’s The BS You’re Feeding yourself? 

23:00  - The details on Terry Wahl’s new book! 

26:00 - What’s in Shawna & Terry’s bag? 


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