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Dec 12, 2019

Summary: Karden Rabin, a health and wellness expert, teacher and entrepreneur. In this episode, he shares how we unknowingly damage our health when we react to stressful or threatening situations. He opens up about the illness he struggled with through his youth and how he learned to be an agent of healthy change in his life. He specializes in bodywork, therapeutic massage and mindfulness training. 


What We Learn:

08:49 - How our automatic nervous system affects our health; including how the Parasympathetic system works. 

10:01 - Karden’s story

23:36 - Feline cat failure

27:00 - One of the most absolute important principles of human development is “attachment.” You as a baby are essentially incapable of you are dependant on your primary caretaker. 

You are exquisitely good, even as a newborn, at adapting and exhibiting behaviors that get your primary caretaker to attend to you.  So, you forming an attachment to your primary caretaker and your primary caretaker providing all of your needs is the single most important goal of any baby or any child. 

That’s not just in the form of being nourished with the food,  it’s in comfort and in emotional and existential acknowledgment. 

There is nothing more important. 

In the same way that a tree, a plant will always grow toward the sun. A baby child will always grow toward the sun of their primary caretaker. 

31:16 - For a lot of us Type A, do-gooders, caretakers, our primary way of getting the sun to pay attention to us was by being a good boy or a good girl, so we got the emotional nourishment that we require. And, if we didn’t somehow there was a withhold, there was neglect, maybe there was abuse or aggression. 

32:00 - Emotional and behavior repression of type A people explanation. 

44:59 - How to express anger without destroying relationships with loved ones

50:08 - You want to use the anger energy to guide you toward feeling safe. (instead of having a rage-filled outburst) 

53:43 -  The power of attention and self-sooting is incredible.


Links Mentioned: 

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