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Apr 16, 2020

Summary: Megan Bruneau is a psychotherapist, executive coach and podcast host. She has more than 12-years of experience and specializes in perfectionism-related issues, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Deepak Chopra dubbed her "the millennials' therapist” –– as her  “no-BS” approach to coaching may be the perspective you’ve been missing. 

What We Learn: 

06:27 The Benefits of Being Dumped

08:43 Pain x Struggling = Suffering (Buddhist quote mention) 

10:26 The Cure For Pain is Pain

17:19 Megan's Message: "instead of this whole look in the mirror and say "you're perfect, you're perfect", say no you're "imperfect and that's okay."  

26:02 Narcissism convo begins 

35:24 "The victim mentality" that comes with calling someone a narcissist

36:33 Misattribution of Arousal 

37:16 We get used to inconsistent love: we see red flags and confuse them for love. We confuse anxiety for arousal. 

42:36 "If it's ‘love at first sight,’ run the other direction”

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