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Apr 2, 2020

Summary: Dr. Shelly Sethi is a best-selling author and a board-certified family physician. In this episode, we discuss mind-body practices: meditation, and our need for connection. In the midst of a global pandemic, Dr. Sethi shares how the mind and body work together to support the immune system or influence disease.

What We Learn: 

09:25 How your thoughts and mind can influence disease 

11:00 Her dad’s struggle with diabetes; eating; type a personality; being an immigrant 

21:23 C-section vs vaginal births, gut bugs, and autoimmune vulnerability

25: 51 How chemicals in our water and food are influencing our health 

26:28 Could poor air quality be a diabetes diagnosis?

28:42 The importance of using clean products on your skin, hair, makeup. 

30:10 With the spike of online beauty influencers; there’s also been a spike in counterfeit makeup. ( IE: makeup pallets full of lead, super glue, mercury) 

35:09 “Study shows: people that isolated themselves tended to get sick more often” (importance of community)

35:51 Being with people = decrease stress, be happy, have enjoyable moments.

38:06 Most doctors aren’t asking: Who are your friends? Who do you hang out with? 

38:45 We're living so close together, but we don't have community

39:28 How people didn't get the same benefit from the virtual church

40:03 We have to make time for friends, family and to meet our neighbors

40:57 We are ultimately beings that need to tell our story. 

41:24 Making yourself busy and attending a lot of events is not the same as community


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