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Mar 12, 2020

Dr. Terry Wahls was once confined to an electric wheelchair, but is now able to walk and ride her bike! She’s a former physician, was an assistant chief of staff at Iowa City Veterans Administration Health Care and is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa.

She’s an esteemed author, has a private practice and conducts clinical trials. She says FOOD is what helped her get her life back! A revised edition of her book “The #WahlsProtocol” is out March 17th.


What We Learn: 

03:14 - What is MS 

05:14 -Terry’s Wheelchair to Walking story! 

08:43 -” It felt miraculous, as you can see my eyes closely, you can see I’m tearing up now because that was the moment I understood that my physicians had no idea what might be possible. And that the current understanding of progressive MS is incomplete. that recovery might, in fact, be possible if you change how the cells do the chemistry of life. That repair can happen and was happening.” 

12:26 - I knew I'd never bike again, I knew I’d never hike again and we had once been a very active family, hiking, biking canoeing, wilderness travel land that would never happen… but I just biked around the block and that was a big deal.” - Dr. Terry Wahls 

13:32 “I’ve gotten so much criticism” 

19:35 - Thoughts on lectins

21:55 - How to be happy without processed sugar - A REAL THING

24:38 - “Doing the things that are hard, and doing them successfully are what give us pride. Think back to any inspiring movie, story or legend. The things that create aww and inspiration are the people who did something hard. where success wasn’t guaranteed . Where there was a high probability that they were going to fail, but they did it anyway” - Dr. Terry Walhs. 

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