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Oct 30, 2019



David Nurse, an Emotional Coach for the NBA and Host of 1%er Podcast shares his road to redemption after being removed from a professional basketball program, his challenges with low testosterone and his secret to having no fear. 


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What You’ll Learn: 

00:00:46:23 - David shares what being a 1%--er means

00:01:02:22 - How to be confident and comfortable in your skin so you can help others. 

00:04:32:21 - "If he hadn't woken up every single morning, knowing that ‘hey, I'm going to go even when I don't feel great, I'm going to go to the gym and get the work in that I need to, I'm going to eat the right way. I'm going to do everything that I can in my own power to prepare me for my dream, my goal, my mission and I know it's going to happen." 

00:04:44:09 - How preparing for the opportunity leads to success... David shares awesome story about NBA athlete

00:05:43:13 - how anyone's going to listen to you: LIVING IT. 

00:07:30:23 - When one door closes, 4 open. WOOT! 

00:08:12:11 - David explains how he became the "emotion coach for the NBA"

00:12:07:18 - How do you reconcile "charging $$" to help someone?? 

00:17:42:04 - How to BE IN THE MOMENT

00:17:47:08 - "Sometimes we let the future take too much of the now." - David Nurse

00:18:34:02 - Has your health ever taken a back seat as you help other people? 

00:19:11:09 - David's struggle with low testosterone: "85-year-old man low" 

00:21:04:04 - It's not just about the looks on the outside, it's how your body's functioning. 

00:22:45:13 - Biohacking and Bio-Individuality

00:23:02:04 - How do you optimize your body to be fully and completely the best you that you can be? It looks radically different for a lot for people. There's nothing that's cookie-cutter, there's nothing that you can say...everybody is different, everybody's bodies are different, everybody's mental frames of minds are different ... and you test it. you see what works, you see what doesn't work 

00:23:05:00 - biohacking should be renamed to 'optimizing'

00:24:54:03 - everyone's putting on a mask

00:25:31:22 - the pain that happened to you is now purpose. It didn't happen to you, so many people look at stuff like 'woe is me' this happened to me, why is the world so down on me, but it's not what happened to you, it's what happened through you and how you can use it for others. 

00:28:10:11 - Religion conversation

00:35:18:16 - What's in Shawna’s Bag Segment 

00:37:46:05 - scientifically proven that the placebo effect is real, so embrace mindset. it's real. 

00:38:04:05 - New book: Pivot and Go!

00:39:20:24 - I just love doing. I love serving and I love being around people

00:39:39:01 - "I don't have fear because I don't really care what anyone else thinks, I know I have Jesus and Christ

00:40:08:01 - my joy is not based on my results or what anyone else thinks


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