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Oct 17, 2019


Today we have a guest who has gone into the “dark woods” and made it out the other side. There he learned that individuals and organizations can DO and BE ANYTHING, if two things are in place: a model of success, and the tools to reach it.  He’s dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 individuals struggling with depression, PTSD, and other health issues. He’s an Anthropologist, as well as the founder of Wolf Tribe Institute… AND, yes! He works with wolves on a regular bases: Philip Folsom! 


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What We Discuss:

00:01:54:00 - "If you want to grow and develop and transform yourself or get healthy, you have to enter the woods at the scariest, most bleak, shadow-filled place. Which is of course what we try to avoid, which is why change is so hard." 

00:05:53:11 - The female orgasm.

00:09:48:03 - Phillip explains what the "dark woods" means. 

00:09:48:05 - The raw resistance of fear is why we can’t change diet, lifestyles, lovers. 

00:10:16:23 - It takes a death of self. Death is a terrifying thing to do by yourself. It takes someone else. 

00:11:10:17 - Alcoholism journey 

00:12:13:11 - Willpower is a muscle. it's not a finite resource. you have to work on it. 

00:16:25:21 - Phillip Discusses the lack of "sickness" in indigenous tribes.

00:17:40:22 - Kinship vs Ego

00:19:16:16 - "It's impossible for us to KNOW more than 70 people" discussion. 

00:20:38:22 - People "have" the planet because “we got really good at bonding”. 

00:22:04:24 - Dire wolf skull 

00:22:32:12 - Explanation of how your brain responds to the scariest thing on the planet: humans. 

00:26:11:04 - A week, a month, a decade awash in stress hormones...

00:26:33:08 - Low Grade Chronic Stress is making everyone sick

00:28:36:22 - Autoimmune issues and PTSD survivors

00:38:00:20 - Loneliness leads to cortisol 

00:38:47:10 - Shame regulates behavior 

00:41:31:13 - Pride based systems are not time tested. In primitive cultures that’s insanity. 

00:54:28:13 - How to find and build your tribe

00:54:41:14 - Wolf Sanctuary

01:00:05:19 - Why "Getting Ahead FIRST" is the BS You're Feeding Yourself. 

01:02:05:13 - Question for men: "if you remove sports, alcohol, and your job" who's your tribe? 

01:05:46:06 - Go find your men’s groups

01:08:45:06 - “Connection” is a step towards healing, according to the Autoimmune Protocol 

01:13:32:22 - How absolving each other’s shame can help you heal.

01:15:44:22 - Why do you keep circling the mountains? 

01:16:44:21 - The importance of "service-based" purpose

01:17:36:00 - For the Phoenix to be reborn, she has to die. 


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