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Nov 7, 2019


Shawna Bigby Davis, a creative director, and advertising executive shares how she overcomes burnout out when she needs to be “on.” If you’re ever on stage or have a big presentation in front of your office or have to meet people during a networking event. This podcast will help you overcome work through the fight or flight response that’s triggered anytime we’re in a stressful situation. 


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What We Talked About: 

00:01:15:23 - How do we keep from burning out? 

00:01:28:16 - Before, during and after.  You’re setting yourself up for success all along the way. 

00:01:41:14 - I can’t extend energy and hope to gain it back somewhere. It’s not how energy exchange works 

00:01:59:15 - How to not feel like you need a nap. 

00:02:26:20 - A-types like to be backed into deadlines because it forces us to make decisions. 

00:03:55:22 - The importance of minerals like magnesium and calcium. 

00:13:33:03 - These snacks are great on the go.

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