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Nov 14, 2019

Summary: Dr. Hailey Heard and Dr. Megan Arnold are cofounders at MaxGen Labs. In this episode, they share how their genetic testing kits are helping women with autoimmune disease live and eat better. “We can literally look at your genes and pinpoint specifically how you function as a whole and how we can personalize and prioritize your health journey.”  These tests can really give you the upper hand when it comes to diet, lifestyle, fitness. Whatever you need to do, to be a happy healthy human. 

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What We Discuss: 

00:00:56:03 - Autoimmune hot messes

00:01:29:22 - Can I change my lifestyle, instead of taking a drug and feel better? 

00:04:12:09 - Why they decided to take on the "Goliaths" in genetic testing and build their own lab. 

00:04:40:23 - If you asked us 10-years-ago if we were going to be running a genetic company we would have laughed at you. It came out of frustration. it came out of knowing that there were better options for practitioners than we even knew about.  

00:06:03:01 - Why privacy is important in genetic testing: who should you trust? 

00:07:04:13 - What kind of diet is perfect for you? Your genes truly control all the protein metabolism, all the enzyme function of your body to essentially make all the chemistry happen as it ought to. 

00:07:23:01 - People who have anxiety, maybe they can't eat certain kinds of cheese. People who are prone to insomnia, maybe they need more B12.  We can literally look at your genes and pinpoint specifically how you function as a whole and how we can personalize and prioritize your health journey. 

00:09:36:00 - 15-years-old and misdiagnosed

00:15:11:11 - The world is sick and there's a lot of negative stuff going on, and if you can make it better someway somehow, You should do it! Because that's going to have a ripple effect - Dr. Hailey

00:15:49:13 - So many people are held back from their life goals because fo their health

00:17:33:22 - The BS they're feeding themselves is that "medicine has all the answers" because it doesn't. 

00:19:58:06 - I was extremely active as a child...I can look at a piece of lettuce and gain ten lbs, something was going on and we couldn't figure it out. 

00:23:55:21 - There's a gene for eating your emotions? There is a gene for addictive and emotional eating... so if you get bad news and want to get chip faced with that ice cream, then that can be blamed on your blueprint

00:27:17:17 - 27:16 a huge part of our weight loss programs for our patients is just getting inflammation under control. we don't even talk about the scale until we have inflammation under control, hormones under control, sleep under control. you're not going to be an ideal weight unless all the other factors are ideal. 


For more of Shawna's interview with MaxGen Labs Doctors: Hailey Heard and Megan Arnold. Tune in for next week’s episode.


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